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Warehouse of goods under customs authority

A warehouse under customs authority is an instrument for the owner of such warehouse to import goods without having to pay the equivalent customs duties right away. Indeed, the authorized warehouse owner and manager only pays those duties when the goods are effectively being sold. It can therefore manage freely the flow and amount of duties it has to pay. However, it has the obligation to provide strict stock accounts that only such warehouse manager can produce.


Warehousing: management of warehouse under customs duty requires a demanding monitoring. The customs administration can decide to control stored goods at any given time (7100 regime). It is therefore paramount that a detailed and regular follow-up is set up, and that a mutual trust with the warehouse manager is installed. We collaborate with many companies from Western Hainaut (Belgium), as strict stock accounts and a full monitoring of goods must take place in order to maintain the status of warehouse under customs authority.

Release for free circulation: the goods have therefore been imported into the EU territory without paying any customs duty yet. As soon as those goods are placed for sale, import duties need to be paid. The goods can be taken out of the warehouse every week, every other week or every month. If the “comptabilité matière” is properly maintained and managed, the exit of those goods must be done in agreement with the local customs. Only an authorized warehouse manager is able to establish those constant flows of entry and exit.

Stock accounts: those are the accounting books tracing all the flows of goods dedicated to storage or to be transformed into goods under customs authority. Those books must be available at all times to the customs administration, and explicitly show every batch or movement of goods: entry references, clearance, authorized movements, storage duration and cost. Thanks to a highly performing operating system and constant monitoring, the Duplat Agency maintains a clear and detailed stock accounts for all customers authorized to manage goods under customs authority.


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