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Our history

The Customs Agency Duplat was created in 1993, following the opening of the borders within the European Union and the implementation of the free movement of goods, services, capital and persons (the EU “internal market”). Since that date, our company has oriented its core activities towards the international markets, which allowed us to grow significantly and build our current structure.

We are offering our services to a large range of companies in many different areas of activities. As such, the Agency is a privileged partner for many economical stake holders ; as a matter of example, we are in cooperation with most importing and exporting companies in Belgium, France as well as from other Member States of the European Union.

We are strategically located at very close proximity to the French/Belgian border. We have set up distinct teams, which are respectively dedicated to the imports activities on one hand, export activities on the other hand, and finally an accounting team for the warehouse management of the goods. We also own a brand new warehouse, located right by our offices. This allows companies specialized in logistics to proceed to loading and offloading operations on site.


This picture illustrates the Belgian customs back in the 1900s. Today, our offices are still positioned at the exact same location, which was historically the transit areas between Belgium and France. The proximity to the border and to the highly developed highway complex area few of our key strengths to satisfy our customers’ needs.

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