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We have strong ties with most importing companies from Belgium and France, but also from other EU Member States. We have constant relationships with notably Maghreb, Asia and the United States, which allows us to ensure high quality and proximity services to our clients.
Our geographical situation (right out of the Lille-Tournai highway) gives us the ability to provide very fast customs services to our clients. Our offices are only 10 minutes away from the Lesquin airport and 15 minutes from the large city of Lille.


Our long-lasting experience (over 20 years) keeps growing thanks to the trust between importers of all regions and ourselves. To maintain that high level of quality, our staff is undertaking specific training courses on a regular basis, in order to be able to address every import requests arising from outside of the EU territory. Every type of custom-related documentation is being handled by our teams: EUR1, ATR, FormA, as well as origins certificates, which allow us to realize imports operations from Asia, Australia, Maghreb and everywhere else.

We establish IMA, IMZ, T documentation, we take care of our clients’ TIR, Agrim and DEB. We also code all your documentation under the PRO-DOUANE programme.
Our close relationship with the national customs administration is supporting the fast, efficient and safe handling of your documentation. We are collaborating with every new client which may have questions in relation with those matters.


T1: the Community ‘external regime applies mostly to the movement of goods produced outside of the EU. It suspends the customs duty and other applicable taxes until those goods reach their final destination within the EU. On the basis of customer’s request, the Agency can produce a transit document T1 or T2 (to AELE members, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland), so that your goods can circulate within the EU territory before they reach the final customs agency.

IMz: thanks to the authorization that we have received, we can complete IMz documentation for the entirety of the companies located outside of Belgium. Trucks therefore do not have to come to our offices. Indeed, an IMa is an import document which gives the importer the obligation to go physically to a customs agency. Our administrative authorization is a strong asset which represents very sizeable time savings, for the profit of our customers. The simple presentation of the goods in our warehouse is sufficient to establish an IM.

Fiscal representation: the companies located outside of Belgium have to go through a fiscal representative which will proceed to the fiscal exoneration. Duplat SPRL is mandated by those companies to realize the necessary documentation to execute fiscal representation services.

DEB: within the EU, all economic stake holders have the obligation to deliver to the customs administration a “déclaration d’échanges de biens” (DEB) which summarizes the totality of their intra-EU flows. This is a statistical and fiscal obligation. The extent of the obligation fluctuates according to the level of activity of each company. Duplat SPRL is in direct connection to the Centres interrégionaux de saisie des données of the French customs administration, allowing all French customers to delegate this task to our Customs Agency.


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