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The Customs Agency Duplat works in close cooperation with all the exporting companies from the Hainaut region (Belgium), to which we ensure a fast and efficient service. We provide all the necessary documentation for the exports of goods, as diverse as textiles, cars, electronics, consumable products, chemicals, food products, etc.

Most of the exportable goods require specific documentation in order to be accepted in the various customs offices of the exit point (Anvers, Zaventem airport, Algesiras, Le Havre harbor, Koroszcyn, Bobrowniki, Korocczowa, etc). Our export team is here to provide all documents, ATR (for Turkey see below), EUR1 (for countries which have agreements with the EU), CO, etc. None of the documents ever produced by our Agency has ever been rejected by an importing country.



EUR1: the EU has put in place a specific legislation which allows, through a EUR1, to put a limit on the duties that non EU players have to pay. This document shall be established by an authorized Customs Agency. Thanks to our long lasting and daily relationship with the customs administration, Duplat SPRL is able to establish those papers in a complete and fast manner for its customers.

Origin certificate: this document aims at officially acknowledging the non-preferential treatment of some exports of goods outside of the EU. We are able to provide that document, which is then validated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Hainaut, Belgium.

Agrim/Agrex: an Agrim import certificate is compulsory for the free movement of some agriculture products (sugar, flour, etc). An Agrex certificate is obligatory when exporting those agriculture products outside of the EU. An Agrex has to be established together with a T5, and shall be presented to the local customs. The precision and exactitude of those documents is of utmost importance, as any error or loss would automatically block any truck at the exit point.

ATR: the ATR has the same objective as the EUR1 in principle, the difference being that the exporting company shall use the ATR for trade purposes with Turkey. This results from the free-trade agreement concluded between the EU and Turkey. Therefore, the European exporting company selling goods from EU origin shall provide to the Turkish importer the ATR certification, that the Duplat Agency can provide to you.


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