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Excise duty

One of the key missions of Duplat SPRL is to bring the adequate response to its customers for any requirements they may have in the fields of excise duty (alcohol and tobacco tax) as well as ecotax. We are in constant relationship with many French wine-makers, but also from other regions across the world such as Italy, Germany, Australia, etc. Our Agency can provide all services to companies and private bodies who would want to import or export wine in the Belgian territory. We offer tailored and integrated solutions for all of your particular needs.

The Belgian market is an important one; as a matter of fact, this country of approx. 11 million inhabitants, produces very little wine and imports close to 300 million liters of wine per year, and consumes the equivalent quantity of 300 million bottles. France is the dominant market in Belgium, with a market share of roughly 63% in value, and 58,5% in volumes (for total imported volumes of still wines). France’s market share is on a slight but regular decreasing slope, counterbalanced by the increase of imports from Italy, Spain, Germany and “New World”. Despite this evolution, the Belgian citizen remains the first foreign consumer of French wine in the world.

Various taxes and duties apply in Belgium for the imports of wines and spirits. Those duties are complex, and they vary based on the type of alcohol and the determination of alcoholic strengths. Duplat Wine Services is a certified Agency for the establishment of all required documentation when it comes to wines and spirits in Belgium.


Wine fairs: all wine-markers willing to exhibit and sell their wine (and other alcohols) in Belgium have to pay excise duty and ecotaxes. For many years, Duplat SPRL has been taking care of establishing all required documentation (e-Ad, etc), so that the wine-makers from all countries can present their products in all fairs in Belgium, whether it is in Tournai, Liege or Brussels.

Sale of alcohol to restaurants: every restaurant-owner who sells alcohol in Belgium shall, if it was purchased from any other country (France or other EU country), formally declare it to the Belgian State. Many restaurant-owners, unaware of the existence of such tax obligation, have been forced to pay heavy fines by the administration. It is therefore of utmost importance to declare such imports for alcohol consumption inside of Belgium.


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