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Agence en douane


Our area of expertise

The Customs Agency Duplat tailors for its customers the most refined and specialized services in the areas of imports, exports, excise duty and warehouse management. We provide to our clients all required customs-related services and documentation with a stringent level of efficiency and transparency. Our methods allow us to reach high performance level at local, regional and intentional scale.

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The Agency

Our objective is to facilitate international flows, imports and exports of goods coming from or going in to all regions across the world, whether it is Asia, Africa, America, Australia, etc.

The Agency provides all types of documentation required for the imports or exports; we extend those services to of a very wide range of goods, from textiles, cars, toys, electronics, etc.

Moreover, the Agency takes care of regularizing the excise duty for all Belgium restaurant-owners as well as foreign wine-makers who wish to legally sell their production in Belgium.


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